How Long Does a Felony Stay on Your Record

Short Answer: Forever, unless otherwise expunged.

When attempted to determine how long a felony (or misdemeanor, conviction, or arrest) will stay on your criminal record one must realize that from state to state the laws vary. There is not a single universal time frame for how long any charge will appear on your criminal record because there are too many variables from the severity of the crimes to the different state laws governing crime.

The single consistency is that depending upon the severity of the criminal charge and length of time elapsed, an individual can petition the state and or/jurisdiction to have the record expunged (removed from public record). In order to expunge your record, please contact the presiding courthouse or the representing lawyer for more information. Left unattended, any criminal presiding will remain public information indefinitely, available for any and all to read, including friends, family or potential employers.

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